7 Best Website Builders For SEO: Improve Your Rankings

Best Website Builders For SEO

Building a website is a few steps process but ranking in the search results is a bit complicated because of the huge competition. That’s why you need the best website builders for SEO to improve your rankings. It’s an important factor for any online business to be successful.

Some website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress offer more optimization options to help search engines better understand the content of your website.

Platforms like Google, Binge, and Baidu have some requirements your content needs to fulfill to appear on the top search results. That’s where the website builders can assist you by providing corrections and making your site SEO-optimized.

Website builders have made SEO easier by analyzing and providing on-page enhancements.

How Website Builders Can Improve SEO?

Website builders can contribute the following characteristics to boost your rankings.

  • Better Site Speed and Mobile Usability
  • Well Organized Content, Readability
  • Image Alt text, Properly Sized Images
  • The Data About Title and Description
  • Better URL Structure Short & Related
  • Dominant Internal And External Links

A website can perceive these requirements using the best website builder. You may need to add a third-party plugin or extension with some website builders like WordPress to achieve this.

We have listed and rated the 7 best website builders based on their SEO support, ease of use, and value for money. Hopefully, our listings will help find the best website builder for your business. The specified features can be of service to do a comparison between website builders.

1. Wix

SEO is easier and more advanced using a Wix website builder. It’s completely possible to rank at the top of search results using pre-eminent Wix SEO features. It provides more ease of use and further enhancement options compared to other website builders like WordPress and Weebly.

You don’t need any coding skills to improve SEO and it doesn’t require any widgets or extra plugins. Everything can be done with the built-in SEO features through the superficial Wix dashboard.

Wix provides easy integration with the Google Search Console to index your web pages and Google Analytics to track the performance of your website.

It’s fully mobile responsive, and automatically creates an AMP (accelerated mobile pages) version of your site for fast loading speed. The total time a page takes hold of to load is an important SEO factor. Wix axiomatically optimizes images by compressing them into a WebP format.

The XML sitemap automatically updates your website information in the search results. Its offered social sharing options are comparatively customizable. You can edit images, titles, and descriptions of your content and see how it will look on different social platforms like Twitter and Pinterest.

Wix provides a custom checklist and significant guidelines in the SEO section of every page. You can preview your page title and description to see how it will appear in the search results.

The Wix website builder encrypts every site with an HTTPS connection for higher security. Its Deep crawl integration app from the Wix app market lets you audit and fix SEO issues on your website.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace offers a set of integrated features that are helpful for every website’s SEO. It focuses on providing quality designs and topmost features. Squarespace is not as efficient as Wix but it can better optimize your website by providing a more enhanced SEO checklist to practice.

You can have a 14-day free trial to experience all the features and SEO tools. After the free trial expires Squarespace costs 16$ per month on a personal plan and 23$ on a business plan.

Squarespace allows direct integration with the Google search console and Google Analytics to overview your website’s performance.

The SEO page titles and descriptions are fairly customizable. You can edit your titles and descriptions from the search preview box without changing your page content. Further, it gives an extra option to stop indexing or hiding a page from search engines.

Built-in mobile optimization also makes every Squarespace website search engine friendly. It already creates a .xml sitemap for your site and cleans URLs to get easily indexed by search engines.

Every Squarespace website and third-party domain can comprise a free SSL certificate.

It doesn’t require additional plugins to do SEO but you can add Yoast to further improve your content according to the guidelines. Squarespace lets us manage Google My Business by keeping the locations up to date. It’s also suitable for E-commerce SEO because of better product optimization.

3. WordPress

The open-source CMS (content management system) owns the title of hosting millions of websites. It has a lifetime free plan and four other premium plans. The personal plan starts from 4$ per month and the most popular business plan starts from 8$ per month.

WordPress provides more customizing options to build professional websites compared to other website builders like Wix and Squarespace. But it’s a bit complicated, because you may have to deal with extra widgets and plugins.

The free and personal plan only offers basic SEO features. To get more advanced tools you need to upgrade your plan to business. You can create backups and install plugins to add more functionality.

A business plan of WordPress allows editing front page descriptions, title formats, post meta descriptions, and experience content social previews.

WordPress has thousands of light templates that can optimize a website’s speed. A fast-loading website ranks better in search engines. Premium themes are not available with the personal plan. It requires a business or premium plan to activate these themes.

Third-party plugins like Yoast SEO or rank math can further enhance your website’s content and increase ranking in the search results. These plugins acquire a free version and a paid one. WordPress has better performance and server speed which is certainly effective for SEO.

4. Weebly

Weebly is an affordable website builder which is simple and easy to set up. It has a lifetime free plan and three other premium plans from 10$ to 25$ per month. Similar to Wix and Squarespace it has essential features like the Google search console integration, meta description, and custom URLs.

It has an app center that contains several SEO plugins to help modify your website for search engines. Like a site booster that will assist in publishing your business details in the search results.

Easy integration into Google Analytics can be of service to track your website’s performance. You can know about your website visitors and their interests to easily convert them into customers.

Weebly has a few things to compromise as well. It’s not as prominent as Wix and Squarespace. You cannot change the alt text of product images which is a lacking factor for SEO. Another thing to compromise with Weebly is the site loading speed which is low compared to Wix and WordPress.

It’s still a good option to start your website at an affordable price. Weebly owns the title of hosting 50 million websites. You can experience building a website using Weebly’s lifetime free plan.

5. Zyro

Zyro by Hostinger is a low-priced easy-to-use website builder. Similar to Wix it offers drag-and-drop features to build a professional website in a few steps. It has modern completely customizable templates for business, professional, and personal websites. Zyro costs 2.69$ per month.

It supports search engine optimization for your website’s ranking. Zyro provides an easy approach to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in your website dashboard. So, you can better know about your visitors and convert them into leads.

The best thing about Zyro website builder is that it provides a free AI content writer to generate text for your website. It makes the content more structured which is useful for a better user experience.

Zyro focuses on mobile optimization which is an important factor for SEO. A website with a better interface can make users spend more time and generate more leads.

Further, it features a free SSL certificate, secure cloud hosting, and better website loading speed. The meta tags like titles and descriptions are assuredly editable. Zyro is a better website builder for ease of use, it’s more appropriate for users who want a website without any coding complications.

The URLs are well organized by Zyro, so the search engines can easily read and index them. A short structured URL can increase the indexing possibilities. Zyro doesn’t allow you to switch a template after choosing one for your website. It’s not as impressive as Wix and Squarespace but worth trying.

6. GoDaddy

The easy ADI (artificial design intelligence) website builder lets you create a good-looking website by only answering to few questions. Because of more ease of use, it’s a good option for newbies who just want a website without any complications. It has a free trial to experience features and services.

The paid plans start from 6.99$ to 469.99$ per month which is certainly expensive compared to other website builders. Besides, the basic plan doesn’t offer more advanced SEO services.

GoDaddy anticipates a better site speed and good server time which is more crucial for SEO. For more ease of use and keyword support, it’s better than WordPress and Weebly but not as efficient as Wix and Squarespace. Further, it provides SEO assistance while adding products.

Its premium plan proffers advanced SEO tools like keyword suggestions and SEO wizard tools. The keyword suggestions by GoDaddy can effectively improve your website’s ranking.

Every website plan of GoDaddy consists of page insights to acutely overview, how your web pages are ranking in the search results. You can track performance and further improve rankings. The SEO team from GoDaddy offers free consultations over the phone for your website enhancements.

The GoDaddy team will help you boost your website ranking by upgrading your SEO tools according to your necessities. It’s a recommended website builder because of its high-performance score and a reliable host for more than 18 million websites.


IONOS is another affordable website builder for building professional websites. It’s not as efficient as Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace but can be helpful to create valuable websites. It doesn’t offer any free trials to experience its services, and the pricing starts from 5$ per month.

Using the IONOS website builder it’s possible to integrate with Google Analytics, edit meta titles, and descriptions, and get useful keyword support. It can help by suggesting the right keywords with the ability to rank on the first page of Google.

IONOS lacks mobile optimation. It doesn’t apply the same customizations on mobile, which makes it less mobile-friendly. It’s an important SEO factor because most users serve the web with mobile.

The website builder provides a one-year free domain, personal email account, built-in marketing, and social media integration. By adding social links you can further expand your business on different social media platforms, which is a favorable SEO factor for your website.

It supports multiple language translations. IONOS can assist in translating your website’s content into up to 60 languages. To expand your business or services in different countries and better user experience because of different native languages. Although, it’s a cost-effective website builder.

IONOS website builder pricing plans have a difference. The starter plan costs 5$ for the first six months, and after it costs 9$ per month. The Plus and Pro plans have similar price differences.


The Best website builder with prime SEO tools is essential for every website’s ranking. To classify at the top of search results requires a website builder with optimization options like fast website loading speed, good server response time, and a high-performance score.

We have listed the seven best website builders for SEO to improve your website rankings, after a comprehensive analysis of them. Our research includes a comparison between the characteristics of website builders, their value for money, and more focus on ease of use.

Hopefully, our listings will help find a suitable website builder for your website. If you’re attentive to reading more about website builders then make sure to check out our other listings. We recommend using Wix or Squarespace because of their ease of use and advanced SEO tools.

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