Top 7 Best Android Apps for Developers: Boost Your Productivity

Best Android Apps for Developers

Create, test, and debug programs from anywhere at any time. The best Android apps allow developers to practice their programs, organize ideas, and improve coding skills by providing an easily accessible interface. So coding on a mobile phone is a more flexible idea.

By choosing an Android app as a code editor, you can have the advantage of collaboration, signifying that a group of programmers can work as a team on the same project.

It’s also more economical to program in a smartphone than a high-priced PC. Furthermore, developers can maximize their productivity using advanced tools and resources.

A wide range of programming apps is available on the Google Play Store, which makes it overwhelming to choose your best Android code editor.

Therefore, we’ll review the seven best Android apps for developers and discuss their features, ease of use, and coding capabilities. These apps can help write precise codes and optimize development.

1. AIDE – IDE for Android, Java, C++

AIDE app is an integrated development environment for Android developers to develop applications on their mobile phones. It supports several programming languages, including Java, C++, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The app also provides coding lessons for users to become professionals.

Its integrated code editor can check errors and provides easy navigation and code completion to maximize the workflow. AIDE app comprises a Java debugger to find bugs in the code.

Using the AIDE App, you can easily integrate with Git a control system that can help implement changes with the mobile phone. It can also work with Eclipse and Android Studio.

The integrated development interface lets users develop apps and run them directly on their mobile phones, which can give them an idea about the performance of their apps.

In general, AIDE is an essential app for every Android developer to program and build on the go. The app comes with a freemium pricing model. Its free version provides basic features, while the premium version offers more customization options, APK publishing, and lets users save large project files. AIDE premium costs $9.99, which may vary depending on the country.

2. Sololearn

Sololearn is a dedicated learning platform that focuses on providing coding courses. It has an Android app which can be extremely helpful for learning on the go. You can learn programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript from highly skilled coders.

It makes the learning process more engaging by providing badges and points. Learners can practice their knowledge by participating in quizzes and challenges.

Sololearn ranks user profiles based on their learning progress and provides an opportunity for healthy competition with other learners. It also includes adaptive learning technology.

Learners can have certificates from Sololearn after the completion of their courses. This can benefit them by proving their skills and knowledge.

It has a free plan that allows users to attend lessons and get help from the Sololearn community. The premium plans offer the same services but different prices because of the monthly and annual billing methods. Its premium plan (annual) also has a 14-day free trial.

3. GitHub

GitHub is a hosting service for software developers to augment their development process with collaboration and version control using Git. It offers a range of features like project management, team administration, security, and automation to streamline software development.

The code hosting service has a mobile app for collaborations and development from anywhere. It provides an easy-to-use interface with almost the same capabilities as the desktop version.

Users can access their Github inbox and organize tasks with a simple swipe. You can also use filters in your inbox to navigate the most related results.

Its interface includes projects on Github mobile, which lets users stay informed about the progress of their projects. It has a large community of developers and a wide range of projects that can be followed to refine the learning approach.

GitHub has a free plan that offers basic features for individuals. It has two premium plans, a team and an enterprise plan, starting from $44 to $231 per user. Moreover, it is billed annually.

4. Dcoder, Compiler IDE

Dcoder is an online coding platform that provides an initiative interface to write, compile, and run programs on a mobile device. Its coding interface is accomplished with gestures, interactions, and frameworks, making it one of the best Android apps for developers.

The compiler users can showcase their projects, export, and share with various platforms, including WhatsApp. It can also integrate with hosting services like GitHub and Bitbucket.

One of the reasons to install Dcoder is its easy-to-use interface with features like syntax highlighting, code compilations, and auto indent. It also supports 35+ languages.

The Dcoder app has a size of 6MB, and it uses cloud compilers and cloud storage to store your programs. It is free to download and install and has over a million users on the Google Play Store.

5. DroidEdit

Droidedit is a proficient source code editor with dedicated coding features such as syntax highlighting, search and replace, and endless undo and redo. The code editor offers a variety of color themes for users to have a more personalized editing experience.

Using Droidedit, you can program in various languages, including HTML, CSS, Java, C++, and Python. It is also competent enough to syntax highlighting in more than 200 programming languages.

The app offers integration with tools and services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can directly access their cloud data, functioning the Droidedit app.

Additionally, it provides a file explorer and FTP/SFTP support. Droidedit has a pro version that lets editors make their custom themes for specifically designed editing.

The app has over a million users and 3.5-star user ratings on the Google Play Store. It has a free and a premium version with different features and benefits. Using the free code editor, users have to tolerate ads. You can experience an add-free premium version at only $2.49.

6. Stack Overflow

As programming is a high-end process, every user has to deal with some complications like syntax, logic, and runtime errors. That’s where Stack Overflow comes in, an absolute question-and-answer site for programmers created in 2008. It’s a beneficial platform for every developer.

Stack Overflow has an integrated app that offers the same services as the website, letting users feature technical questions and answers.

Furthermore, using the stack app, you can search for questions and answers with filters, vote, and mark the best. It has a notification feature to inform users about the related questions and answers.

The Stack Overflow app has a well-organized interface that allows users to create their profiles and keep track of their performance. Besides, you can integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Like other best Android apps for developers, Stack Overflow has a freemium pricing model. It has a free plan with some limitations and two premium plans ranging from $6 to $12 monthly. The Stack app for Stack Overflow is free to download and install from the Google Play Store.

7. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is an app developed by Google that provides definitive lessons to code in Javascript. It has a user-friendly interface with activities, puzzles, and challenges that can optimize the learning process. The app also dispenses real-time suggestions to solve your Javascript errors.

Users can learn programming concepts such as functions, loops, variables, array methods, and operators. These concepts can apply to multiple programming languages.

Grasshopper is a responsive application, highly comparable to a wide range of devices. It’s an absolute choice for beginners who want systematic guidance for programming.

The app has very specialized courses that teach numerous concepts to code. Regarding coding languages, Grasshopper is limited to Javascript, which can be a potential drawback.

Overall, Grasshopper is the most compelling application for beginners to learn Javascript. It has over 100 thousand users and 3.8-star reviews on the Play Store. The app is available on Android and all web browsers. It’s a recommended application to gain proficiency in Javascript.


Android apps can assist developers with an initiative coding interface and programming guidance to enhance their skills and increase productivity. These apps can provide all the essential tools and resources for users to collaborate, keep track of their progress, and expedite development.

There is a significant number of applications available on the Google Play Store. GitHub, Droidedit, AIDE, and Stack for Stack Overflow are some of the best Android apps for programmers.

We have studied and listed the seven best Android apps based on their performance, ease of use, and coding capabilities. Some of these apps can be of service to learning to program, and some can come up with an interface favorable to writing, editing, debugging, and compiling codes.

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