10 Best Android Apps for Bloggers: Streamline Your Writing

Best Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogging is a captivating way of sharing your thoughts and ideas online. It requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity. That’s where the best Android apps can help bloggers streamline their writing by providing ease of idea generation, marketing, and editing.

Using these Android apps, writers can do most of their jobs, including note-taking, grammar checking, social media management, and web analysis.

Despite that, an extensive range of Android apps is available on the Google Play Store, making it complicated for writers to choose the best writing assistance.

So in this article, we will review the ten best Android apps for bloggers. Further discuss some of their features, benefits, and how they are helpful in writing.

1. WordPress

WordPress, a versatile website builder, provides an Android app to create, edit, and manage web content using your mobile device. As writers, we are aware that ideas can strike anytime. That’s why an app like WordPress can be extremely helpful in preserving those innovative concepts.

Using the website builder app, you can get access to your content stats and analytics, examining your visitors’ behavior to improve your site’s performance.

Additionally, you can receive notifications, observe and reply to the post comments, and interact with your readers. The WordPress app is available for free and has 10M+ downloads.

2. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard is a writing assistant that can enhance your writing expression by highlighting spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It can proofread your blog posts, underline the errors, and provide real-time suggestions to rectify them.

The app is adaptable to both Android and iOS devices. It can work seamlessly with most apps, from social to education and entertainment.

One of the best things about the Grammarly app is the tone analysis, which can help to write in a tone for a better reading experience. It also ensures the safety of your data. Grammarly Keyboard app is free to download and available on the Play Store with 10M+ downloads.

3. Canva

Canva is an incredibly versatile graphic design platform that provides an Android app with thousands of pre-designed templates. It can assist with editing photos and videos and designing graphics for your blog posts to create more visually appealing content.

It’s a multifunctional tool that allows you to create social media posts, video cards, flyers, logos, and photo collages. The Canva app can cover all of your content needs.

It is free to use and has over 100M downloads on the Google Play Store. You can access most of the essential features using the free plan. But if you want to use premium templates and have additional features, you can consider a premium plan for $54.99 per year.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking and task-management application that is convenient for bloggers to safeguard their innovative ideas. You can create notes for your upcoming articles and add images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents to have more efficiency.

Furthermore, the app can assist with assigning tasks, setting reminders, and keeping everything organized in one place.

Evernote is also one of the best Android apps for bloggers because of its unique ability to schedule work. It can integrate with apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and others. Evernote has a free plan with few limitations, a personal and professional plan.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics app can provide real-time analytics about your blog. You can figure out the number of readers, where they came from, and how they interact with your site. This analysis can help improve your content and increase your website’s performance.

In the Google Analytics dashboard, you can examine built-in reports about session durations, user retentions, and acquisitions. Also, you can personalize insights by adjusting metrics.

Overall, Google Analytics is the best Android app for bloggers to monitor their traffic and improve their blogging business. “Understanding the user intent is crucial for every business’s success”. Google Analytics is entirely free and has 5M+ downloads on the Play Store.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that is beneficial for bloggers to manage all their social accounts from one place. The app can assist with scheduling posts for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Moreover, users can view mentions, manage comments, and reply to messages using the Hootsuite app. It has a dark mode for comfortable viewing during extended use.

The app is fully compatible with Android and iOS. Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial to experience their social media management. After the free trial, you may choose from four premium plans that start from $99 and go to $739 per month.

7. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that facilitates bloggers with the convenience of content planning and collaboration with fellow writers. The app offers various templates for different categories of projects, such as business, design, education, and marketing.

Working with Trello, you can integrate with apps like Microsoft Teams, Autopilot, Evernote, GitHub, and others. Its user-friendly interface has made project management less challenging.

The project management app also offers power-ups or plugins to add the best tools for your team. Overall, to-do collaborations Trello is one of the best Android apps for bloggers. It has a free plan to start with and three other premium plans, which are very affordable.

8. Pocket

Pocket is a handy Bookmarking service to save web content like articles, news, sports, and videos. You can easily capture and gather content in folders to acquire it in your leisure time. The app has a sleek and streamlined interface, making it easy to use for bloggers.

In the Pocket app, you can have a more personalized reading experience by customizing font sizes, styles, and viewing modes. “More you can categorize and save in tags”.

One of the standout features of Pocket is its audio playback ability, allowing readers to listen to their saved articles. Now the bookmarking app has a free and paid plan. With the paid plan, you can have premium fonts, permanent saves, and persistent highlights.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive is a file-sharing platform that provides cloud storage to share images, videos, and other files or documents. It has an app with 5B+ downloads on the Google Play Store. It’s productive for bloggers to share their content and have a secure backup for their site.

Using the Drive app, you can collaborate with other writers and work on the same document as a team. It can hassle-free integrate with apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The drive has search functionalities based on AI, similar to Google search. It has a free personal plan that offers 15GB of cloud storage and self-service forums. The business plan is $12 per month, offering 1TB of cloud storage and 24/7 online support.

10. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an advanced photo and video editor with various editing features and tools to produce more engaging content. Bloggers can edit images for their articles and increase their visual appeal by adjusting brightness, contrast, and presets.

On the top navigation, Adobe has undo and redo options, giving editors more freedom to make changes without worrying about losing their work.

Adobe Lightroom initiative interface and step-by-step tutorials have simplified the editing process. Moreover, you can start editing from a device and maybe complete it with another device from anywhere. It offers a free trial and only costs $9.99 per month.


Best Android apps can facilitate bloggers with all their blogging needs, such as writing, editing, and managing content. Using these Android Apps, writers can be productive, save time, and streamline the process of content creation for their blogs.

There are plenty of writing apps that you can find on the Google Play store. Despite that choosing the best apps also depends on your content writing strategies.

Whether you’re a professional blogger or a hobbyist writer, Grammarly, Evernote, and WordPress are some of the best applications to enhance your writing skills. Last advice, blogging is a work of patience, you can master it using the right tools and strategies.

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