Artificial Intelligence In Simple Words

Artificial Intelligence In Simple Words

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in simple words is a technique or a process of making machines intelligent at the level of humans. We can do that by providing information that can help machines understand human behavior, and so that they can respond according to it.

The main purpose of AI is to make machines able to do basic or creative tasks that humans do like learning and problem-solving. According to the innovations in technology we can say that in the future we will see machines think and operate like humans.

We use different algorithms and approaches to create intelligence that can be beneficial for us and develop a better relationship between humans and machines. Further, machine learning is the major step of artificial intelligence. We need to experience the methods and processes of machine learning to be experts in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence was founded (History of AI) in the year 1956 and until now it has played a vital role in the advancement of modern technology. Likewise, it becomes a part of academic courses in different fields and a necessary term to understand. It’s important to introduce us to the term AI to make better comprehension of the latest and future technology.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are the following 4 major types of Artificial intelligence and 3 types are under concern.

1. Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are the first-level type of artificial intelligence because of the limited AI strategies. These machines don’t have a memory to store, and they cannot learn from their experience. Therefore, reactive machines can only respond according to the provided information and can operate in a pattern.

We can understand reactive machines by the example of a robot that is designed to play games. The robotic moves will be defined and the same all the time. These robots with reactive machines and AI technology cannot decide their moves and learn from previous actions.

2. Limited Memory

Limited memory machines are the second-level type of Artificial intelligence. We can say it is the upgraded level because of the more capabilities than reactive machines. This type of artificial intelligence in simple words has memory to store and can take steps by learning from previous experiences. In this category of AI, a machine can decide accordingly to store information.

A significant example of limited memory machines is self-driving cars. That can store information, learn from it, and decide correspondingly. This AI technology helps cars in determining the speed, and distance between them, and people crossing the road.

3. Theory of Mind

Theory of mind is the advanced level type of artificial intelligence with modern techniques of intelligence. This type of AI will be able to deal with operations that include human emotions. In simple words, we can also say it is emotional artificial intelligence. And machines with the theory of mind AI technology will be able to understand human actions with the comprehension of their emotions.

In addition, autonomous cars that acknowledge human behaviors and function by realizing their mood are an appropriate example of the theory of mind artificial intelligence. As a theory of mind is an advanced category of artificial intelligence, still more innovations are required in that.

4. Self-Aware

Self-awareness is an ultra-level type of artificial intelligence that is only in the form of a theory right now. In this category of artificial intelligence, machines will be able to learn, decide, and have emotions and feelings like faith and belief. It isn’t applied yet but in the future, we may see machines smiling and feeling like humans. Machines will be self-learning like other living things.

An example of self-aware artificial intelligence is a robot that learns on its own, make decisions, and have belief or emotions. In today’s modern technology, we don’t have a self-aware machine. In the future, we have a chance to interact with a robot who senses like us.

5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in simple words is further categorized into artificial narrow intelligence in which machines can do singular or specified tasks. They can only function as they are organized to do. Artificial narrow intelligence is kind of like reactive machines and limited memory. The machines that can learn, and store information also fall into that category.

Every machine around us that is performing its given tasks can be an example of artificial narrow intelligence. Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and a robot that is manufactured to do specific jobs are specimens of artificial narrow intelligence. And because they respond according to the given command.

6. Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial general intelligence is the high-level category of artificial intelligence in which machines can do all the jobs that humans do. In today’s modern technology machines in our surroundings can operate like humans. Besides, they are not capable of thinking creatively and deciding immediately on situations as all self-aware humans do.

As AGI is still under innovation we can assume an example of a machine that can think and decide. By keeping in mind the surrounding environment and the people’s behavior.

7. Artificial Superintelligence

Artificial superintelligence is the ultra-level category of AI in which machines are assembled with ultra-level intelligence. Like the self-aware type of artificial intelligence, ASI is also in the form of a theory because the technique of AI isn’t that advanced yet where machines can self-learn and respond by understanding human moods, feelings, and behavior.

Further, we can only assume the example of artificial superintelligence because that type of intelligence is still under construction. Artificial superintelligence may be a possible thing according to Tech Learnex.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Every machine that has intelligence and can perform some sort of self-action can be an application of artificial intelligence. Moreover, AI is a vast field with a lot of applications in different industries. The level of intelligence and techniques used in a machine determines the type of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, here are some latest applications of artificial intelligence.

  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Game playing Robots
  • Google Assistant
  • Siri, Alexa
  • Text Recognition
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Face Recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Image Recognition Filters, Detection Systems

These applications are making things easier by facilitating and using the term artificial intelligence. Like the chatbots, where already typed messages do the job of the client. And the recommendation systems in social media recommend the things of our interest.

Likewise, text recognition systems play a vital role in understanding the subject of discussion and help keep people according to the terms and conditions. Face recognition systems can guide us in identifying persons and keeping them on record. These applications are using new strategies of artificial intelligence to make more improvements.

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