10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence In Our Daily Life

Artificial Intelligence In Our Daily Life

Every person who uses the internet or digital devices must interact with the term AI. Artificial intelligence has a significant role in our daily life tasks like web browsing, email messaging, and using social media. Currently, businesses and individuals are adopting the latest AI technologies.

It has made things easier for us by providing assistance and suggestions that are related to your preferences. Artificial intelligence works based on supplied and gathered information.

Social media platforms gather users’ information and suggest the most related advertisements and content. They use the techniques of AI to build up a better user experience.

The primary purpose of AI is to make machines intelligent at the level of humans by providing information. So machines can learn from their experience and operate like humans.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the 10 best examples and prime uses of artificial intelligence in daily life.

1. Google Search

Google search is an example of artificial intelligence and almost every person uses it to find solutions to their problems. The search engine is very vast and provides the most relevant results.

Whenever you search for something on Google it shows some ads related to your search. These advertisements and search results that pop up are based on the techniques of artificial intelligence.

The search engine, Google has a spell-check algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to recognize misspelled words. According to Google one in ten queries is misspelled every day.

Moreover, it suggests queries with the correct spelling to enhance Google search results.

2. Voice Assistants

Many voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana are based on artificial intelligence. Commonly used to perform daily life tasks and provide real-time answers to your questions.

They use natural language processing to listen to the given voice commands and respond according to them. Now voice assistants are also smart enough to understand accents and recognize voices.

You can use these assistants for different purposes. As Google Assistant can be used to make phone calls, check emails, find directions, and also to remember something important.

Moreover, Alexa is used in most of Amazon’s Echo products, and Siri assists with Apple. It has all the access to features of Apple products and you can operate them using the voice assistant.

3. Email Communications

Artificial intelligence is being used in email communications as well. Most of us daily receive and send emails. The email filters use artificial intelligence to scan words and move them to the inbox.

Moreover, to write emails we use tools like Grammarly to find grammar and spelling mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to highlight mistakes and offer a correct replacement for them.

To protect our email account, we use software that works on machine learning algorithms. Therefore, you can say that you are using artificial intelligence in your email communications.

4. Social Media

All of us use social media to know what is happening in the world. Our social media feeds are based on AI, showing us the most related posts and suggestions by considering our search history.

Social media platforms gather information from users to know their interests and to represent the most relevant content. They also suggest people make friends based on their mutual interests.

Artificial intelligence has made social media more engaging and entertaining. People are spending more and more time because of the related content and feeds that you can keep scrolling through.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are another useful example of artificial intelligence. They are designed to assist and solve problems. You can experience a conversation between a human and a machine.

Some of you may have visited a business website that has a chatbot that asks how we can help. These chatbots use artificial intelligence to assist and answer customers’ questions.

Chatbots that use artificial intelligence are smart enough to understand words and respond according to them. They automatically understand using a natural language processing algorithm.

6. Smart Home Devices

Many of us are using smart home devices to do tasks in our comfort zone. These devices use artificial intelligence and can be operated by your voice command or by using a mobile phone.

You can use Google Assistant to turn lights on with your mobile phone. Also, you can command Alexa to order something from Amazon which can reach out to you after the delivery days.

Furthermore, you can set the temperature based on the environment or interest, get notifications on your smart screen, and improve home security. It can be done using a voice assistant or an app.

7. Amazon Recommendations

Amazon the world’s largest online retailer has a strong AI-based recommendation system. Its algorithm recommends the best-buying products related to your searched or rated products.

Whenever a user searches for something, reviews, or rates a product. Amazon collects that information and represents the most relevant products to that user. The recommendations of Amazon keep users engaged and make them spend more time on their shopping.

Furthermore, Amazon has a significant shipping algorithm that delivers products as soon as a customer clicks to buy. A user can purchase with one click after adding details for the first time.

8. Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are another significant example of AI. A self-driving car can operate without a driver by using AI software that collects information from the car’s sensors, radar, and cameras. It uses an image recognition system and machine learning algorithms to collect data.

Whenever a rider sets a destination the AI-based software makes the route, gets information from the sensors about the nearby vehicles, and the radar calculates the distance to the barrier.

Many companies like General Motors, Google, Ford, and Tesla are developing self-driving cars. These cars don’t need a driver to hold the steering but in some areas cars still require assistance.

9. Banking

The banking and finance industry is improving customer support, security, risk management, and analyzing information using artificial intelligence. So, AI is making banking services better.

Artificial intelligence is helping the banking industry to make predictions for future results based on the examinations of previous data. Therefore, AI can be a reason behind better recommendations.

The banks are enhancing customer support by making AI-based chatbots that assist and provide helpful information to users. They are also using voice assistants to manage banking tasks.

10. Video Games

Artificial intelligence is being used in video games to provide a better user experience. The main purpose of AI in video games is to make nonplayer characters (NPCs) more intelligent.

The developers are using AI to make nonplayer characters smart by providing information, to make games more engaging. That’s how the developers set levels in a game by imparting knowledge.

The first game that uses artificial intelligence was made in 1951, so you can say that AI has a history in gaming. Furthermore, the advanced games are using strategies of decision trees to advise NPCs.


Artificial intelligence in our daily lives has a significant role in doing our jobs. The use of AI technology is rapidly increasing. According to Statista, the AI software market is growing by 54 percent every year. Many companies and businesses are accumulating the use of AI to enhance their services.

Also, we can operate many things from our comfort with smart devices that are based on artificial intelligence. Therefore, we can say that we are using artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

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